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Dear fans and friends! I am making a new record! In the past few years my artistic voice has grown. With a daily ritual of musical practice, my older and more sober creative mind is finding new ways of seeing myself and the world, and discovering new songs. I want to give these songs life that they might spread beyond the amazing community of our Portland residency at the Laurelthirst Pub. To make this happen I am asking for your help. If the albums Mexiquita, Blackheart, or Whiskey Farmer, made an impact on your life, please consider helping bring the next one into the world.

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Amount Raised From All Sources: $3,830!

A Letter from James Low

It's hard to believe that it has been just over a decade since the James Low Western Front released the album, "Whiskey Farmer". So much has happened since then, it's hard to know where to start. In 2015 we lost Dave Camp to cancer and with him the sound that made The Western Front. Tim Huggins relocated to Kansas where he is still holding down the midwest on bass, and Joe Mengis joined the band Eels where he is rocking the big shows across the country and the world.

At "James Low Headquarters" a lot has changed as well. There's a kiddo in the house who's already 6 years old, and a couple of college degrees landed yours truly in a high school classroom teaching guitar, music production and a host of other things to the rebel rock stars of tomorrow. Between the kiddo, school, and COVID, the last few years have been more about hanging on for dear life than making music.

For some time I struggled to figure out how to have a creative life while meeting the needs of the family and holding down an extra-full, full-time job. About a year ago I discovered that the secret is to get up ungodly early in the morning. 5 am at "James low Headquarters" finds us in the basement with a cup of coffee and a guitar ready to write, sing, or finally master the guitar solo for "Back in the Saddle". A daily musical practice along with the high-wire emotional act that comes with hanging out with teenagers has inspired a new crop of songs and in April the recording of a new James Low record began in earnest.

One of the great things about that extra-full, full-time job teaching is that I don't need to rely on the tremendously challenging task of making money from music to take care of my family. It also means that whatever money I have made from music over the last couple of years has been socked away for the purposes of making this album, and it was certainly enough to get off to a great start. The first week of recording basic tracks has been absolutely amazing. The core band with Ian Miller on guitar, Jesse Emerson on bass, and Ned Folkerth on drums has turned my latest batch of songs into what feels like the most inspired creative work I have ever done.

My challenge is how to turn this great start into the great record these songs deserve to be. If you have enjoyed my music in the past, I would like to invite you to join me in bringing this new album to the world. Check out the packages above and consider becoming a part making the music happen.


James Low